Decisive Dividend Corporation came into being from a simple idea –
acquire fundamentally strong companies, hold them for the long term and pay regular dividends to our shareholders.

Armed with that concept, Decisive Dividend Corporation was formed with a mandate to acquire a growing stable of well established companies with strong predictable cash flow and to provide regular and growing dividend payments to shareholders.

Our strategy is based on a buy/build/hold framework.

We look to forge long term relationships built on trust and mutual interest. We look for high quality businesses with great people and attractive growth prospects. We look to retain existing management and partner with them to build value. We are interested in companies based in North America requiring an investment up to $25 million.

We are not just deal makers, we are in it together. We are not day to day operators, we maintain a strategic focus. We do not buy a company to sell it, we make long term commitments to our partners.

We believe this is a winning combination for success.

We look to acquire sustainable and successful businesses for the long term that will provide a steady return for our shareholders.

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Decisive Dividend Acquires Blaze King Industries

A recognized leader in the fabrication of high quality and high efficiency wood stoves
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